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I was going through boxes as I unpacked in my new home and came across some old photos. Vacations in Lake Powell with our closest friends, our family dog that was just as much one of the kids as my brother and I, cooking greek pastries with Yia Yia in the kitchen, and countless memories that had somehow fallen through the cracks. I looked at these photos and could remember the sounds, tastes, and feelings of those moments. I could place myself back in that moment and relive it all over again. That feeling is why I started Fox + Sloane Photography. 


I started working when I was 14 years old and with my first paycheck I bought myself a digital camera. I took pictures of EVERYTHING! I fell in love with capturing moments and details, being able to give my friends and family a photo of something they had since forgotten. When I was 19, I purchased my first DSLR Camera and I invested in this camera because I wanted to invest in the memories I was lucky enough to be a part of. I got to capture my first nephew being born, my best friends wedding, and events I would want to look back on and cherish forever.

As I looked through my box of photos and felt myself back in the kitchen with Yia Yia, I realized I wanted to give this exact feeling to everyone I possibly could. I wanted to capture and preserve the sweetest moments in life and give people the opportunity to have this feeling of living in a memory. The amount of love and passion I have for photography could no longer be contained to just photographs of events in my life, I wanted to capture yours!


Photography also fosters my love of forging new relationships with people. I want people to not only look back at photographs and be thrilled with those pictures, but to also remember a time that I made them laugh and brought some sunshine into their lives while documenting those memories. I feel honored whenever a client allows me to take a glimpse of their life and invites me to be a part of life's sweetest memories. I have found that love hides in even the smallest of moments and it is my goal to capture all of life's moments, both big and small. Love is unique to each person and I seek to record these memories in a way that is reflective of your individual style and personality.


I and am the mother of the two raddest twin girls, Fox + Sloane, who inspire me to be the most creative, kind, loving, and hard working person I can be. My goal is for my work to shine with the beauty I see in them every day.

I am a Utah photographer and I am passionate about shooting your special event, if it's wedding photography, engagements, birth stories or boudoir I would love to help make it "picture perfect" for you. 

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