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Randall + Jocelyn Wedding

Randall and Jocelyn chose one of the most unique places to tie the knot; The Church of Dirt in Park City. It’s a small and intimate space that allows for plenty of personality and detail to shine through. To reserve your spot, all you do is leave a rock or sign with your name, date, and it’s all yours.

These two went the extra mile in creating such a memorable experience for their guests; from giving each guest a handmade blanket to designing the eclectic, but elegant table setting complete with pillows for chairs. This place fit these two perfectly, which made my job that much more enjoyable. I had so much fun with this family and capturing all the laughter and hidden moments.

The whole attitude for this wedding was relaxed and playful. You could tell that their main focus was not only creating the wedding of their dreams but also crafting an experience that their family would feel at home in that would help give them the best possible start to their new journey as husband and wife.

Whether they were taking pictures surrounded by gorgeous mountain backdrops or sharing their first dance, everything this couple did just seemed so flawless. Their love for each other was front and center in their shared smiles and intimate moments.

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