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Piper Higgins Birth Story

I have never been a part of something so powerful and moving. If you have read through my About section, then you already know that I thrive on capturing incredible moments. As a mom of two kick-ass girls, I know first hand how precious and incredible those first moments with your littles are. Sarah and Austin tried for 7 years before their perfect little angel joined their family so I HAD to be there to capture her first moments into this world. This birth was far from boring and uneventful. Hours and hours of crazy laboring and pushing, and some of the most heartening support I've ever seen from a family. Sarah was surrounded by her wonderful husband, mom, and dad and I have NEVER seen a more gentle, loving, and supportive team. They were true warriors, especially Sarah, that girl has earned the title of Super Woman. I've photographed a lot of birth stories but this one moved me to the point of tears <3 After a lot of hard work, little Piper joined us! Snuggled up so sweet with her floral head wrap and receiving blanket, perfection!

I love to capture these emotions floating around the room so that on those "hard days" you can look back at these pictures, know that you created this tiny, perfect human together and that these moments are some of life's most memorable.

Welcome to the world, Piper!