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Maria + Jared bridals

Maria is an old friend of mine and when she and Jared hired me for their bridals, I was so ecstatic. As a photographer, bridals are some of my favorites because they're so intimate and unlike the wedding day, there's a calm closeness to them.

I had a few ideas for the photoshoot but once she showed me her dress, that all changed! Her dress screamed classic Hollywood and he was in a sleek black tux. Do you die? DEAD! We couldn't have picked a more perfect location to match their old-time classic style. The City-County building had the perfect amount of charm I was looking for and then, we found this incredible classic car to seal the deal. Also, this scene up on the mountain, with the capital in the background was their "First Look" :) If you don't scroll through all these pictures then I'll just assume your heart is black... these are all that good!

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