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Makayla + Brandon Stylized

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

A few blog posts back, I shared a session with this same couple, Makayla and Brandon, doing their Bridals at Double Arches, but while we were down south, they asked if we could also do a stylized shoot at Dead Horse Point, to which I could not say no to!

I was so excited to do another shoot with these two! So, after an outfit change, a new bouquet, and waiting for the perfect sunlit backdrop, we were able to take some amazing photos. While they do look like more Bridals or wedding photos, they really wanted to take these for themselves. They had always wanted to take some 'model style' shots and figured why not just do it now?

I'm so glad these people came into my life and I cannot wait to do more fun and absolutely gorgeous sessions with them. They have great chemistry, are easy to work with, dress impeccably, and absolutely adore each other.


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