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Lo + Tanner Beeston - Instagram Influencers

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Instagram icons and creators, Lo and Tanner Beeston put on their most stylish and chic wedding attire, headed out to Bonneville Salt Flats, and were gracious enough to let me photograph them at this stylized shoot.

First, I have never seen a dress like the one she was wearing; it was absolutely gorgeous. Their styles matched perfectly and they did a great job of creating a cohesive and extremely exciting look.

Both Lo and Tanner were so awesome to work with and were just so happy to be there with me and did whatever they could to make it the best shoot possible.

I highly recommend following them along their journey as individuals, a couple, and a family. They are super kind people with hearts of gold. You can find Lo everywhere from Instagram, Spotify, and Amazon. Incredible people!

IG handles - @lobeeston and tbeeston

Lo’s Website -


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