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Jackson + Kennedi Engagements

This shoot was full of special moments, from the first look to Kennedi giving Jackson a special remembrance gift, it was all just wonderful.

Earlier this year, all four of Jackson’s grandparents passed away within four months of each other and knowing how important they were to Jackson, Kennedi surprised him with a pin with all their pictures so they could be a part of their special day. I love little things like this!

When Kennedi was coming up on Jackson for the first look you could see in his eyes how excited he was to see his future wife in her wedding dress. I have to mention how amazing these two looked! Her hair and dress and makeup were all just beautiful and then there’s Jackson, with his perfect hair, killer bowtie, and blue suit. They looked amazing!

The love between these two was palpable and I cannot wait for their wedding day.

And of course, we cannot forget their adorable puppy! So cute!


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