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Fox Hollow

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am obsessed with all things fall and Halloween. It is, hands down, my favorite time of year.

This shoot was inspired by not just the season, but mostly by Lucey the fox. When you see pictures of her, especially when she’s looking right at you, there is a sense of calm, but also power that comes from her. I wanted to try and capture her emotions in a session that was elegant and full of strength.

Now I just needed the couple to go with her.

Having previously worked with Nadalynn and Corey, I was confident that their personalities and styles would help me get the look and feeling I wanted. Being who they are, they were more than willing to participate.

The images with them and Lucey turned out just perfect. I love them all. My other goal for this shoot was to show the seductive side of the season, and I must say, between Nadalynn’s black dress, Corey’s demeanor, and an antique red velvet chair, we pulled it off well.

I want to acknowledge how wonderful Lucey was to work with. She is a rescue and is living in an extremely safe and healthy environment. We went into this with her in mind and did not do anything she was not comfortable with. We followed her lead and worked around her attitude.


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