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Em, Jason, Frankie, Artie, and Corrie

This family consists of four gorgeous girls and one handsome, and if I can say, very lucky man.

Meet Em, Jason, Frankie, Artie, and Corrie (Coco). After talking to Em and Jason and getting an understanding of both their style and what kind of feel they were hoping for, I suggested a more urban focused location with various backgrounds. We settled on a downtown Salt Lake City spot at sunset, and as you can tell from these pictures, it was the perfect choice for them.

I have the privilege of meeting a lot of different people doing what I do, but there are always a few that standout to me because of their, well, just pure joy and happiness in being with each other. Not only are the parents madly in love, but it’s clear that their daughters are being raised in a home where caring for each other and always being there for one another are top priority.

This is one extremely special family.


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