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Case Family

Meet Dusty, Natalie, and Rigby Case. They are hands down some of the most beautiful and kindest people I’ve ever met! I’ve been lucky enough to know them for several years as both friends and clients and they just get better with age.

For this sunset shoot, we went to Snow Canyon in St. George where the colors of both the sky and landscape were the perfect compliment to Natalie’s chic green dress and Rigby’s white dress. Can I just say that I loved Rigby’s grey tights and brown boots? Perfect mix of colors. As always, Dusty was handsome and classic in a white shirt and tie.

On a personal note, it’s hard not to fall in love with this family. Just from these pictures alone, you can see the bond and love they share for each other. I hope to continue to be able to continue documenting this family for years to come!


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