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Beauty in Boudoir

Boudoir photography is one of the most amazing experiences a person or couple can go through. Whether the session is for themselves or someone else, the feelings and pictures they walk away with are truly life changing. It’s very common to be nervous and self-conscious, but with the right photographer, you will love every minute of your session.

I have put together a list of my favorite tips and suggestions that I use in all my boudoir sessions. I encourage you to read this article and browse my portfolio, Instagram, and blog to gather ideas, inspiration, and come up with questions. I am always here to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

What Should I Wear?

Come dressed in your everyday clothes but remember to bring a robe. When you arrive, I will have you change into the robe to help minimize lines on your body from your clothes and underwear. I ask that you also bring slippers or flip flops since socks and shoes can also leave marks on your feet and ankles.

Types of Outfits and Lingerie Suggestions

  • Your favorite pieces of lingerie such as slip, underwear set, or bustier

  • Jewel tones always look amazing against the skin. Try to avoid satin or shiny materials since they don’t always photograph well

  • Lace or low-cut bodysuits

  • Loose t-shirts or sweatshirts

  • Your favorite pants, dresses, or skirts

  • Heels or boots

  • Piece clothing that is important to you and/or your partner

Whatever you bring, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. Your comfort is my number one concern and if you are not comfortable and confident, the session won’t be as perfect as I know it can be.

Here are a few sites I recommend if you're looking for something to wear.

Hair and Makeup

This is one of those times where 'less is more' doesn't always apply. I recommend going a little extra on your hair and makeup for boudoir shoots. If you're not sure what to do or if you've done too much or too little, let me know and I will help you out.

How To Prepare

Aside from outfits and accessories, I highly recommend going through my website, blog, and Instagram, to gather and save anything you like. Once you arrive for your session, we will take a lot of what you like and what you have brought and put together the session of your dreams.

Why Do Boudoir?

It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for yourself, your fiancé, or your partner, these sessions are all about showing and expressing love. It’s a love for yourself or a partner that is deeply rooted and personal to you. Even if these pictures stay tucked away in a drawer, they are there for you to look at and remember how amazing, sexy, and beautiful you are.

Regardless of body type, stretch marks, and what you see as imperfections, I know and see you as the strong and confident person you are. I will be there to not only show you exactly how to pose, but also to remind you how incredible you are. I will be cheering you on and celebrating right along with you.

I am here to answer any and all of your boudoir questions! Take a look at my blog, portfolio, and Instagram for all the inspiration. Reach out when you're ready and we will schedule the boudoir session of your dreams!

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